A chance to win $1,000.00!!!

by Tiff on June 1, 2009

We went through KFC’s drive through yesterday after a LONG day at the lake. I have not been to KFC in FOREVER…and boy was it good!

Anywho…on the back of my reciept there was a WIN $1,000 instantly headline…this got me interested, so I told my husband to keep it…(of course he makes fun of me thinking I am crazy)

Here is the info:
visit www.opinionport.com/yum and enter your store #. (y store # was y310267)
Answer the survey…it was only like 3-4 questions
you could instantly win $1,000.00
You can enter once every 6 weeks!

( I normally would not post things like this, but in the fine print it stated no purchase necessary, so I consider that fair game for anyone out there)

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