Halloween Party on a Budget: Part 3 Food Set Up

by Tiff on October 25, 2011

This is a part 3 of a Halloween Party on a budget. If you missed the first part, you can read about our Invitations and our Outside decor.

The food table can be the main focal point at a party. The set up can make or break the party. However, it does not have to break your bank account. Using items you may have on hand, or like me, items from the Dollar Tree and a little creativity can help pull it all together.

For our Halloween party, my son wanted EEWY GOOEY Spooky. Nothing cutesy.  So, off to the dollar tree I went.

I found a pack of gooey body parts. It has several pieces for only $1. The problem was they were small, but I knew the boys would like them. I had a glass vase at home that I knew I could put them in to resemble a Witches potion. The only problem was it would take several of these small parts to fill even this small vase. I headed down the floral aisle at the Dollar Tree and found some Spanish Moss. Perfect! It made it look old, and filled the vase.

As part of the party favors, I had full intentions on making some homemade suckers or chocolate candies using a creepy Halloween mold, but the Dollar Tree came to the rescue once again with these awesome Eyeball suckers 6 per pack. I could not have made enough suckers for $2, and it saved me a lot of time. Time is valuable in my house!  Instead of putting the suckers in the goody bags, I decided to add them in with the decor. Many times you can use your party favors as part of the decor and just have the guests grab one as the leave. This serves double purpose and is a big money saver! We had this witch cauldron ( it is a trick or treat pail) already at home, so, I used stuffed it with newspaper in the bottom, and added some of the same Spanish Moss overflowing at the top. $2 for a great centerpiece on my table setting!

My son wanted a Mummy Cake. As I have mentioned before, I am a big advocate of making your own cakes for parties. Whether simple or elaborate, it will save you money. I just can not justify spending $30 – $50 dollars on a sheet cake that will just be eaten! ( Most kids just lick the icing off and dump the rest !) My son wanted a Mummy cake, so I searched around on You Tube and watched how to work with Fondant. You can make your own recipe, or use a JoAnn’s coupon to purchase it at 50% off. The cake mix I got very cheap at the grocery store. I needed a cake board, and for the size I needed, I would have spend $14.99 for a pack. NOPE! That does not work in my party budget. Therefore, I bought a $1 foam board which worked just fine to hold our cake and cupcakes.

On the table is a cheap plastic black tablecloth, and I stretched some of the cotton spider webs I had leftover from outside across the table. I also used leftovers from the Spider Web to string on our family pictures hanging on the walls, and our curtains. This gave the dining room a feel of an old Haunted House!

I simply used my serving platters I already owned, but spruced them up a bit with plastic Crows, Spiders, and Body parts all purchased at….you guessed it Dollar Tree!

For food, I used what I could purchase with Coupons of course! I had Spinach Dip from Costco, Cheese I had coupons for and cut myself ( never buy prepared cheese, you are paying for them to shred or cube it!) Nabisco Wheat Thins, and Hot Dog Mummys! (I got the Hot Dogs for $.24 a pack at ShopRite ta few weeks prior) I even used coupons for the crescent rolls!

What type foods do you like to serve at parties to save a dime or two?

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1 Monet October 25, 2011 at 5:50 pm

oh my god the hotdog mummy is so cute and i want to it them hahaha i like your halloween food setup

2 Monet October 25, 2011 at 5:51 pm

I want to eat* them lol i typed “it”

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