Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

by Tiff on March 2, 2012

Today is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. The Taff’s are huge Dr. Seus sfans. So much, that I even gave Mr. Briggs a Dr. Seuss Birthday when he was 2.

In honor of the famous Children’s book author, we had a Birthday Dinner last night complete with Green Eggs & Ham!

While scrambling up the eggs, I added a bit of food coloring to give these eggs some Sam-I-Am inspiration. For the ham, I simiply fried up some lunch meat, and we had half a grilled cheese on the side. A quick trip to the party store, and a $3 Cat in the Hat Birthday Banner later, we had ourselves a par~tay!

These are the times I love being a Mommy. Memories in the making.

So tell me,
Would you eat them in a boat? Would you eat the with a Goat?
Would you eat them in the rain? Or in the dark? Or on a Train?
How about in a Car? Or in a Tree?
In a Box? With a Fox? In a House? Or with a Mouse?
Would you eat the Here or There? Would you eat them Anywhere?

Do YOU like Green Eggs & Ham?

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