How to Make The Elf on The Shelf Bendable and More Posable

by Tiff on November 26, 2012

As most of you know, we love our Elves. They are part of this family. They are real, its just that Alfonso and Feme just need a little help being posed sometimes. *wink wink*

(Warning, this post has picture overload to show the How To’s.)

If your Elf likes to be in cute poses, or even just be able to sit without falling over, you may want to give them surgery and make them more bendy.
Here is How To:

This is oh so easy, and I have wanted to do it for 2 years, but just got over the lazies and finally did it this year.

You will need:
Sturdy craft wire (floral department)
A sewing needle
Red and white Thread
Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters
A Seam Ripper

Simply take your seam ripper and carefully rip a few of the seams at the feet and hands. (Mr. Seam Ripper is my bestest friend when I am doing a sewing project) You only need a small opening, no need to take out all of the stitches.

*Your Elf may have a seam at the knee. Some older versions do. If so, take out those seams*

Next, very very carefully stick the wire up the leg. Make sure you do not pierce through the leg. OUCH! We are trying to help our dear elf, not harm them. Measure how long you need the strip to be, and then cut a tiny bit longer to make loops at the end.

Sweet Alfonso, he sat beside Feme the entire time she was under.

Take your needle nose pliers and make a very small circle at the ends so the wire is not sharp to keep it from piercing the Elf’s appendages during the Elfcapades.

Do the same for the arms. Note: For some reason the Elf on Shelf hands are stitched with red on the white gloves. I personally did not like this look, so I chose to sew them back up with white thread.

Once you have placed the wire in, and stitched them back up, you are done. Now you can pose those little Elves with great pleasure!

Just look at this Yoga Position….. get ready Alfonso, you’re next!

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