Keeping Car Clean: Using Muffin Liners

by Tiff on June 19, 2012

We live in our car. Not literally, but almost. We are on the go so much that it can seem like we are in the Mama Taff mobile minivan all the time! During this summer, we will be taking plenty of Road Trips as well. being on the go – we eat in our van a lot. I really hate a dirty van, which can be a hard pet peeve with 4 kids.

In the back, all kids have a cup holder near them. Many times, I use muffin liners inside the cup holders. Muffin liners can be found at the Dollar Store for a 75 count…. so for about $.013 each, I help keep my compartments looking clean.

The muffin liners are great for all those times I hear this: “MAMA, I want to spit out my gum!” And we all know I am NOT ElastiGirl and can stretch to the back of the van while driving to acutally reach the gum. Nope, just put it in your cup holder in a liner.

What about eating on the go? My daughter likes the occasional ketchup with her nuggets. Usually we dine in, but there are times where a drive through is at our beck and call. Just squirt the ketchup in the muffin liners! Now she can dip her nuggets, and then take the top one out an toss in the trash.

What tips do you have for keeping a car clean?

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