Kid Craft: Make Magic Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve Night

by Tiff on December 14, 2012

I posted about this idea a couple of years ago, but since the picture was terrible, I decided to make an update!

On Christmas Eve, most leave out milk and cookies for Santa, but what about the Reindeer? They are the ones doing the hard labor. Flying at speeds up to 45,000 MPH! Here is a cute and very easy way to make Magic Reindeer Food to sprinkle on your lawn.

Items Needed:
Dry Oats
Christmas Sprinkles (optional)
Jars or baggies to put it in

To keep this nice and clean, I gave each child a paper lunch sack to mix their Reindeer Food in. You could use zip-lock baggies, or a bowl. I poured oats, glitter, and sprinkles into each of their bags, had them twist the top closed and get to shaking.

To scoop the Reindeer food into the baby food jars we were using, I used a Tupperware Brand Popsicle mold. Yep, how’s that for using what you got on hand! It worked perfectly. It was small enough to fit into their small hands, and did not spill out when they were trying to pour into the jars.

Then, we put the lids on, cut squares of leftover Christmas material we had, and tied the material around the lid. I printed the cute poem, and we hole punched and tied them to the curly ribbon on the front.

Sprinkle on your lawn on Christmas Eve night,
Make a wish and close your eyes tight.
Santa’s Reindeer will fly and roam,
This will lead them to your home!

Then Santa had 3 little Taff Elves that set out and hand delivered these to all of our neighbors. I think that was their favorite part!

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