Lowering Your Grocery Bill Without Extreme Couponing: Building A Stockpile

by Tiff on June 28, 2011

We have come to an end of our 8 Steps To Lowering Your Grocery Bill. The last step is one that you all hear me talk about a lot. Stockpiling.

Know How Much Your Family Uses:

The reason you need to stockpile in order to save money is very simple. Sale cycles are usually 6 weeks. That means if an item is on sale this week, it is likely to go on sale again in 6 weeks. There are a few exceptions to this, for example: during the Holiday months, baking goods are at their rock bottom prices. Remember that keeping a price book will help you keep track of these sales. So, with keep to the 6 week rule, when an item that your family uses is at its rock bottom price, you should stock up on enough of this product to last you until the next 6 weeks sale cycle. That amount will differ for each person/ family. I have a family of 6, so I may go through more shampoo than a family of 2.

Am I saying buy 70 bottles of mustard because they are on sale for $.30? Nope. In fact, if you keep a handy price book , you would know that $.30 is a good sale, but not rock bottom price. Mustard is generally free during summer time since it is prime grilling season. Buy only what your family will need until that product goes on sale again so that you are NEVER paying full price in between.

Use More than 1 Coupon
That being said, if you are using coupons to reach your stock up prices, you will need more than one coupon. If your family uses 4 bottles of shampoo in a 6 weeks period, then you will need 4 coupons to purchase 4 bottles of shampoo at its stock up price. This means you will need to either get more than one paper each Sunday, or use Coupon Clipping Services. I have been known to buy anywhere from 2 – 8 papers on any given Sunday depending on what coupons are in the paper. Don’t forget the fast and easy way to cut coupons.

How Do I Organize My Stockpile?
If you walk into my house, you may never know that I stockpile. I keep my stockpile hidden so it is not much of an eyesore. I have shelves above the washer & dryer. I keep under the bed storage containers full with toiletry items, over the door shoe bags ( the kind with 24 different slots) are great for storing smaller items that do not stand on shelves or stack such as spices, bag or pouches, razors, etc. I have bins and baskets in every cabinet stuffed full.

Is Stockpiling Hoarding?
Many get the 2 confused. If you are buying just because you got it free or cheap, and you are planning on sitting it in a stockpile to be adored….then that is hoarding. If you actually USE the items you purchase at rock bottom prices, then you are simply stockpiling. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed at how many items you purchase at the same time. Embarrassment can come easy when you are purchasing 15 bottles of ketchup. However, ketchup is one of those items that I get at its rock bottom price only 1 season a year, so I stock up as much as I will use before the expiration date. Just make sure you are planning on using it or donating it before the expiration date.

Keep It Within Your Budget
Lastly, if stockpiling is not in your budget at the time, let it pass. Another deal will come, another sale will come. Never do without, or blow your budget just to stock up on an item.

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