Lowering Your Grocery Bill Without Extreme Couponing: Buy Manager’s Specials

by Tiff on May 19, 2011

Step 5 of  Lowering Your Grocery Bill Without Extreme Couponing is to shop Manager’s Specials racks. This is something I have done long before ever cutting coupons.

So I know that I have already turned about half of you off. I know this because in every workshop I have ever taught, there is always at least one person in each class that tunes out as soon as I start talking about shopping Manager’s Specials to save on meat. Hang in there with me. I promise it is OK to eat it. I have my entire life, and I am still alive!

Typically when items like meat, produce, dairy, and deli are near their sell by date, the stores start to reduce the prices for quick sale. As long as you freeze it or use it before the date, it will be OK. I love Kroger for their mark downs. Typically they will have crates full of manager’s specials of other items somewhere in the back. Can foods that are dented, and other packaged food near its sell by date. Guess what? You can still use coupons on these items!

If you see a particular cut of meat that you like in a store, and notice it all has the same date, take a mental note, and come back soon to that date. *Did you know that rinsing off your meat after you brown it makes it a leaner cut? Blotting for patties and steaks works too!*

Ask your butcher when he typically marks down the meat, and shop on those days. I have found that the days are generally a Tuesday or Wednesday; after the weekend rush.

If you notice an item/or package that is close to the date, but has yet to be marked down, ask the Butcher or the Manager. They will likely mark it down for you. Especially since you are in the store and want it now!

I have been known to buy a bag full or bananas for only $.99 Now, they were turning brown, but I came home and made smoothies, pudding, and chopped up the leftovers for the freezer. They worked perfectly!

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1 Alesha D May 19, 2011 at 9:13 am

I love managers special meats — especially Kroger. I have a leg up considering my good friends husband is the meat manager at the local Kroger; so I always get the call/text when mark downs are made :-)

2 Shelly @ Coupon Teacher May 19, 2011 at 6:05 pm

My stores aren’t as good about this, but my mom’s Kroger is great for markdowns!

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