Lowering Your Grocery Bill Without Extreme Couponing: Buying Only What You Need

by Tiff on June 14, 2011

Many people find it hard to only come home with items they went to the store for.

I do think that is one reason I steer clear of mass merchandise stores such as Walmart. They have everything in the store, and I will get the urge to look at some department that I have no business being in. And of course, finding something I just really want, or think I need.

We talked about making a meal plan and a shopping list, now it is time to stick to it! If your budget is tight for the week, then those cupcakes can wait.

Here are some tips to keeping to a list, and buying only what is needed:

Shop Alone.
Ok, so right now I can feel many of your eyes rolling, and practically burning through your monitors into me. What is this “A” word? Alone??? I know it can be tough to get out of the house without little ones, but if at all possible..do it!

Never Shop Hungry
We all know this rule…but it really is true!

Shop with cash
Remember my envelope method?

Shop With A Calculator
So Ranch dressing is on sale…rock bottom price this week. It will only be $.50 a bottle! WOWZERS. Well, I have 20 coupons, I will get 20 bottles. Will your family use all 20 bottles before it goes bad? Fifty Cents may be your stock up price, but $.50 does add up fast. 20 bottles will take $10 out of your budget for the week. Remember, another sale will come in the cycle; only buy what is needed until that time.

Is it really something your family will eat/use?
That new product may be on GREAT sale, but if you KNOW your family will not eat/use it…then do not buy it!

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1 Shelly @ Coupon Teacher June 18, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Great tips!!

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