Lowering Your Grocery Bill Without Extreme Couponing: Don’t Waste Money On Prepared Foods.

by Tiff on April 28, 2011

Love these boys, even if they do make messes!

My 3rd step to lowering your grocery bill is Saving Money By Leaving Out The Convenience Foods.

Ok, so I know I have already lost many of you, please stay with me, do not be scared by this post. I am NOT trying to get you to immediately turn into some Betty Crocker over night…I am simply asking you to channel that inner Martha in small doses.

Convenience foods are everywhere in out society. You can even get a “meal” at gas stations these days. Have you really looked and saw what was in those meals? Can I get a YUCK ?

However, learning to take the extra time to make your meal plan and schedule out making 1 or a few of those items on your own.

Am I saying to bake your own loaf bread, grow your own vegetables ground your own grains, and bake EVERYTHING from scratch? Nope. Am I saying go to work an 8 hour day, commute 45 minutes back home, and make an entire meal from scratch. Nope. If you do…WAY TO GO! Do I? Nope. But, I do a few, and just a few can save more than you think.

Sorry its blurry, but I still love it.

Do I buy meals in boxes?
** usually that taco dinner, or crockpot chicken is easy enough to make myself, not to mention healthier & cheaper.**

Do I buy jarred sauces?
Yep. I am not Italian, and I am not up to canning my own ingredients. Newman’s Own Spaghetti Sauce goes BOGO at Publix a lot, and I stock up on it then.

Do I bake my own bread?
Nope. Don’t even know how, but I do bake my own cookies & other baked goods from scratch.

Do I make my own soups, casseroles, etc?
Yes. Really, If you plan it ahead of time, throwing some ingredients in a crockpot is pretty easy, and fast! And dinner is ready when you are ;)

Do I buy prepackaged or cut up produce?
Nope. I get a bigger bang for my buck buying that head of lettuce, and chopping it up myself. ( Did you know they dip those baby carrots in bleach to make them last longer? Hello people, what are we eating?!?)

What I am trying to get across is do what works for you. Make a double batch of something and freeze leftovers to eat later. Choose 1 or 2 items that you can make yourself and start saving your money. Pack your lunch instead of eating out.

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1 Shelly @ Coupon Teacher April 28, 2011 at 3:40 pm

What adorable kids! Thanks for sharing. Glad to know that I am not the only one who hasn’t made bread other than pizza dough!

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