Lowering Your Grocery Bill Without Extreme Couponing: Store Accounts & Cards

by Tiff on April 20, 2011

Step 2 to Lowering your Grocery bill without Extreme Couponing is sign up for store accounts & cards.

May seem like common sense, but to many, they do not realize it is worth something to have that store card.

Am I talking about cards that require you to pay money?

NO. I am not talking about credit cards or any card that may give you a strike on your credit, or require you to pay interest, or ANYTHING.

I am talking about loyalty cards. Such as a Kroger, or CVS card.

Why do you need to sign up for loyalty cards?
Most stores will not give you the advertised sale price if you do not scan your loyalty card at checkout.

Know if your card earns you any kind of points
Some store cards will electronically store your purchases, and give you extra points towards items.
Kroger gives you Gas points. Spend $50 in gift cards, or $100 on groceries ( either all in one transaction, or over the course of 1 month) and you will receive $.10 per gallon discount!

During the Holidays, many stores will offer sales such as Spend $100 and get a free turkey!

Know if your store doubles coupons
If your store doubles coupons, and has a loyalty card, it is likely that your coupons will NOT be doubled if your loyalt card is not scanned.

Exclusive Coupons
Sign up for an account at stores that you frequent, and you may start receiving coupons via email or snail mail.

Publix has the Baby Club, or Pre School Pals

Kroger mails Home Mailer booklets FULL of coupons, always has 1 coupon for a FREE item. I regularly receive coupons such as $5 off wyb $15 in our meat sections, or $20 off $100 purchase!

CVS also emails me coupons as well. They have mailed me an occasional coupon or 2, but not often.

Just ask at customer service on your next trip, or search your store’s website for any clubs, or accounts you can make.

Kroger & their sister stores also allow you to upload coupons electronically to your store card! No cutting or organizing required. The coupon will come off your total when you scan your card, and the cahsier rings up the said item. Check out Cellfire & Softcoin to get your coupons!

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