Using What You Have on Hand to Feed Your Family

by Tiff on November 14, 2011

The other night we had leftover chicken. Well, 2 chicken breasts that did not get cooked from the previous night. Here was my predicament:

1. I had to use the 2 chicken breasts in my refrigerator.

2. I did not want to thaw out any extra chicken, but 2 will not feed the entire family alone.

3. I had not planned for this in my weekly meal plan.

I opened up my pantry to see what I could whip up. Either we would love it, or possibly have to order pizza *wink wink*

I had some Wacky Mac Pasta free from coupons, I had Primavera Mix,  I had cheese in the fridge, and I had some Squash, and mushrooms in there too.

So, I went to work. ( again, not knowing what I was making, or how it would taste)

– This is the part where you have to ignore the husband who keeps asking “What are we having for dinner?”  Because trust me, when you give him the response of, ” I don’t really know…” He will just keep asking and think you are crazy because you are standing in the kitchen cooking.

I sauteed my veggies, shredded my cheese, chopped & baked the chicken, and boiled the noodles.

Then, I mixed it all in a casserole dish, stirred in the Primavera mix, covered and let bake together for about 20 minutes.

End result…everyone LOVED it! ( my 4 year old daughter picked out a few pieces of the Zucchini Squash, but overall, they ate seconds!)

When I say shop your pantry first -  this is a prime example. You never know what you can whip together to make a meal. It may not be fancy, but it is filling.

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