Walmart Price Match Policy

by Tiff on August 9, 2011

But Aren’t Walmart’s Prices always cheaper?

This is the age old question that I get all. the. time. Short answer no. Long answer, depends. After I started couponing, I did not step foot into a Walmart for over 6 months. With BOGO deals, coupon doubling, and coupon friendliness, they did not compare to my local grocery stores. However, they have eased up on their policies, and now my answer has changed.

Here are the details to their Price Match Policy.

  • When making your shopping list, I find a spread sheet is the easiest way to plan your shopping trip. I use the following columns:

Item & Brand
Quantity / Size

Having these items listed out makes for a smoother checkout. Walmart’s policy states that you do not need the competitor’s ad with you, however if you have the ads, I would bring them along just in case there were any questions.

  • You must purchase the correct brand & size as in your competitors ad.
  • Walmart will price match Buy One Get One Free deals – as long as there is a price listed in the ad.

* Example:  Softsoap refill BOGO @ $7.99*
If there is no price listed, they will not match the BOGO deal

  • Walmart’s price match policy states they do match preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad

* There is a fine line here on whether Extra care Buck prices and Register Rewards prices are included in this. From the responses I have received, it may depend on how your manager interprets this. The assistant manager at my location allowed for the after Extra Care Buck and Register Rewards price!
* Example: CVS had Pamper’s Diapers $8.99
Get $3.00 ECB
Total = $5.99
My Walmart price matched the diapers to $5.99

  • When you get to checkout, notify the cashier that you will be price matching
  • If possible, separate your price match items, from non price match items
  • You can use coupons on items you price match!
  • As the cahsier picks up an item to scan, look at your spreadsheet and tell them the price and store at which you are price matching.

Pros of Price Matching:
Shop all local sales in 1 location
Saves gas and time
Use coupons and  price match

If you have a store that allows stacking of coupons – that may be a better deal
If you have a store that doubles coupons – that may be the better deal
Walmart does not always have the exact item you are trying to price match. (May carry a different size, style, or brand)

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1 Shelly @ Coupon Teacher August 11, 2011 at 1:41 pm

I did my first pricing matching trip for school supplies this summer too! Works well, and as always… the vlog!

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